Saturday, 16 November 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A Brief Introduction

SEO is a detailed and logical optimization which helps your web site to rank at the top most level. There are 2 ways to optimize the webpage PAID and ORGANIC. A SEO follows Organic optimization done for the visitor and not for the search engine.
This is further divided into:

                                    1. On page SEO

                                    2. Off page SEO


In On page SEO keywords play a important role. Keywords are those words which help us to find the websites or pages what we want with help of search engines.
In on page SEO one has to deal with the internal of the page. Such as the keywords are placed accordingly with the tags to get good rankings. 

The important things to follow during on page SEO: 

  •  The Quality of the content 
  •  The Quantity of the content
  •  Lesser number of Clicks you take to reach the destination page.


In off page ranking is a good ranking even if you have not designed the website .This can be done with the help of web content management which is a software tool for website authority and other actives. This follows both internal and external linking.

Off page SEO can be done by linking the closest page with another. For example if the page is about some recipe say Punjabi dishes one can link this with famous Punjabi dishes or may be Punjabi’s famous food recipes.

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