Friday, 25 October 2013

Steps to Successful PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-Click Advertising (also called Sponsored Search) should really be called Pay-per-Click Marketing. The concept of Pay-per-Click is deceptively simple. Advertisers create text-ads for specific keywords and keyword combinations. These ads display on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) alongside the organic search results when a searcher (i.e. your prospect) types this keyword into their favorite search engine. Pay-per-Click ads can also display on sites with related content.

Pay Per Click
In order to achieve consistent results, you need to follow a systematic process covering the same three core processes of research, implementation, and optimization.

Use the following checklist whenever launching a new campaign:

1.Research: Business Goals

2.Research: Target Audience

3.Research: Keyword Research

4.Implementation: Campaign Structure

5.Implementation: Ad Copy

6.Implementation: Landing Page Development

7.Implementation: Campaign Settings

8.Optimization: Statistical Analysis

9.Optimization: Refinement 

10.Optimization: Bid Management

Finally work on targeting your ads and honing in on keywords with the most commercial value so that the traffic you do get results in revenues. 

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